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Dynamo camping lantern
The product use high quality integrated circuit chip, AM/FM/alarm select switch function, wave band and the voice need adjust by yourself. It’s also has lighting function, cranking power for charging the battery and digital products.
Function & Feature:
  1. Lighting mode: Low brightness 3 LEDs for spotlight → High brightness 3 LEDs for spotlight→10 LED lights for camping lantern→ Off

  2. Cranking for power generation

  3. Charge the product with external 5 V power source

  4. Power bank function: charge mobile phone or digital products

  5. AM/FM Radio function

  6. Alarm function with SOS red light flashing

  7. Power bank switch design, good for store power and control output

Main Technical Parameter:
The Max. luminous flux of spotlight≥14Lm
The Max. luminous flux of lantern≥32Lm
3-LED spotlight lighting time after 1 minute cranking≥15Min
10-LED lantern lighting time after 1 minute cranking≥6Min
3-LED spotlight lighting time after being fully charged≥10Hr.
10-LED lantern lighting time after being fully charged≥3.5Hr.
Alarm time after 1 minute cranking≥3Min
Note: Lighting time testing standard is brightness down to 5% of open time's brightness
Parameters of external power source  
Input voltage/current5V/500mA
Fully charged time by external power2.5-4 Hr.
Parameters of charging for digital devices:  
Output no-load voltage5.1±0.2V
Rated output current450-500mA
Main parts life-span
The whole unit≥5 Years
The plastic part≥5 Years
Main radio parameters  
Sensitivity of the FMBetter than 76 dB
FM -30DB noise-limited sensitivityBetter than 20 dB
Sensitivity of the AMBetter than 95 dB
AM -20DB noise-limited sensitivityBetter than 92 dB
Reception scope of the FM87.3-108.2 MHz
Reception scope of the AM522-1620 KHz
The audio frequency output power≥150mW
Radio working time after 1 minute cranking(moderate voice)≥6min
Radio working time after full charge≥10hr.
Specification of built-in battery1000mAh, 3.7 V
Size and weight  
SizeФ96*195 mm
Weight360 g

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