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Chairman Wu Jianjun who does well in enterprise management and R&D technology was honored with Wenzhou first and second "Famous Master", Wenzhou first "Chief Technician",Directors of Wenzhou Young Entrepreneurs Association,the 8th Lucheng Wenzhou CPPCC Committee Member. Chairman Wu founded the company in 2010 and has come up against a lot of troubles to make the company as "Wenhzou Top 100 Industrial Enterprises"with an annual production values of over 100 million yuan and the sum of the ratepaying over 10 million yuan.
Liu Zhanfeng
R&D Director
Liu Zhanfeng was in charge of the first and second products transformation and upgrading respectively in 2004 and 2014.Liu always keeps eyes on the trends of global technology market and learns world's newest R&D technology,leads R&D team to develop more than 50 new products annually,lay a solid foundation in the fierce market competition for the company .
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