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3 LEDs Spotlight Camping Lantern
This product adopts the principle of cranking for power generation. Cranking the handle to drive the generator to generate alternating current by professional designed driving gear. Then changing the alternating current into DC after commutating and voltage stabilizing which to charge its built-in battery. Rotating handle design, this product can be used as camping lantern and spotlight.
Function & Feature:
  1. High brightness 3 LEDs for spotlight, 10 straw-hat lights and 5 red flash lights for camping lantern.

  2. Unique spotlight system, good for short, middle and long range distance lighting. Camping lantern for a large area lighting.

  3. Charge the product with external 5V power source via USB port and cranking for power to charge mobile phone or digital products.

  4. With hanging handle, rotating handle design and USB cable storage box.

  5. Perfect combination of the light weight and high efficiency. Low noise and long lifespan.

Main Technical Parameter:
The Max. luminous flux of spotlight18Lm
The Max. luminous flux of lantern32Lm
3-LED spotlight lighting time after 1 minute cranking15Min
10-LED lantern lighting time after 1 minute cranking6Min
5-LED red flashing time after 1 minute cranking120Min
3-LED spotlight lighting time after being fully charged5.5Hr.
10-LED lantern lighting time after being fully charged2Hr.15min
5-LED red flashing time after being fully charged30Hr.
Note: Lighting time testing standard is brightness down to 5% of open time’s brightness.
Parameters of external power source    
Input voltage/current5V/500mA
Fully charged time by external power6Hr.
Parameters of charging for digital devices    
Output no-load voltage5V
Output Max. current400mA
Main parts life-span  
The whole unit≥5 Years
The plastic part≥5 Years
Specification of built-in battery300mAh, 3.6 V
Motor2.5W Brushless
Size and weight  
SizeФ97*186 mm
Weight320 g

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