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USB Rechargeable Battery
No. 5 USB in-line rechargeable batteries, the use of 1.5V voltage output, no battery memory effect, low self discharge rate; environmental protection can be reused. Can be widely used in daily life, unplug the battery cap can be in the computer, vehicle mounted USB interface with in with
Function & Feature:
  1. Charge anywhere from any accessible powered USB

  2. Charge battery before first use

  3. Charge indicator turn on red when charging, and turn green after fully charged

  4. Recharge via powered USB or with an approved USB charger

Main Technical Parameter:
Input Charging    
Input Voltage5 V
Input Current500 mA
Fully charged time2-3 hours
Output Charging  
Output Voltage1.5V±0.2V
Output Current1A
Battery Capacity1200mAh
Size and Weight  
CartonInner BoxCarton DimensionG/N WeightPackage
100pcs(2)50pcs(4)38x20.5x23CM / 23x20.5x23CM5/4.3KGBlister Card

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