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Electronic Wine Aerator
Insert it into wine bottle, rotating the button counterclockwise to open, press the button, the indicator light at the same time, you can immediately enjoy be fully awakened wine. Please lock the button, when the wine aerator is not used.

Function & Feature  :

1.More effectively and quickly releases the flavors and aromas of wine, and helps oxidize and soften the natural tannins in wine.

2.One touch operation makes aerating your wine convenient.

3.Effectively seals the bottle top making it perfect for the home or restaurant environments.

4.Fastest breathing process aerates according to the "Golden Ratio"

5.Releases fusel alcohols and make it less "spicy" and bitter.

6.Let's you enjoy your wine without the long wait of traditional decanting.

7.Install six AAA batteries, can use hundreds of times for 750 ml bottles.

8.The whole body wash, IP44

9.Suit for the vast majority of bottle mouth size

Main Technical Parameter:
The whole unit3 years
The Switch5000 times
Motor200 hours
Capacity of battery

6 AAA batteries

Specification of motor

DC6V RF-370CA-06V22

Size and weight

Ф60*162.5 mm (excluding the pipe)


218 g (excluding the battery)

CartonInner BoxCarton DimensionG/N WeightPackage
10pcs5pcs9x30x375CM6.5/5.0KGBlister Card

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