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AM/FM Emergency Radio Torch
1、Lighting: Press the "LIGHT" switch to turn on or off. 2、Radio: “ RADIO” Switch to turn on or off radio and adjust volume,slide AM/FM switch to the position of AM or FM to receive the radio signal.“TUNING” Switch “+” or “-“ to select channel 3、SIREN: Move the slide switch to the “SIREN” position to turn on . 4、 USB Output Charge; Input Charge;
Function & Feature:
  1. 0.5W SMD and 2 LEDs Torch

  2. Hand Crank Mobile Charger

  3. Siren

  4. AM/FM radio

  5. Hand Crank generate power or Type A USB input charging

  6. High dB Siren Alarm

  7. Lighting Mode: 2 LEDs-0.5W SMD-Off

  8. Emergency Hand Crank Mobile Charger

  9. Battery Power Key Switch

Main Technical Parameter:
The Max. Luminous Flux(0.5W SMD)≥30 Lm
The Max. Luminous Flux(2 LEDs)≥6 Lm
Working Time after Fully charge (0.5W SMD)≥4 Hours
Working Time after Fully charge (2 LEDs)≥10 Hours
Lighting Time after 1 minute Hand Crank Generate Power(0.5W SMD)≥10 Minutes
Lighting Time after 1 minute Hand Crank Generate Power (2 LEDs)≥20 Minutes


FM Frequency RangeBetter than 5 uV
FM Band88-108 MHZ
AM Band522-1620 KHZ
Radio Time after Fully Charge≥5 Hours
Radio Time after 1 minute Hand Crank Generate Power≥10 Minutes
Output Charging Current250~400mA

Siren Alarm

Siren Alarm Noise≥ 120dB
Siren Alarm Working Time≥ 70 Minutes
Siren Alarm Working Time after 1 minute Hand Crank Generate Power≥ 2 Minutes


Specification of Built-in Battery3.7V, 480mAH Polymer Li Battery
Diameter of Built-in SpeakerΦ36mm
Input Voltage and Current5V and 0.45A
Output Voltage and Current5V and 0.4A
Fully Charge TimeApprox. 2 Hours

Size and weight

CartonInner BoxCarton DimensionG/N WeightPackage
40pcs20pcs38x28.5x27.5CM8.5/7.5KGColor Box

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