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Dynamo AM/FM Radio With Charger
Dynamo AM/FM Radio, Crank LED Flashlight, LED Flashlight, Wind battery charger,
Function & Feature:
  1. AM/FM tuning radio

  2. Searching FM/AM radio programs automatically

  3. Cranking for power generation

  4. Cranking to charge mobilephone

  5. 3LEDs light

  6. Patented product

Main Technical Parameter:
Technical Parameters about the Radio                
FM Frequency Range88~108MHZ
AM Frequency Range530-1600KHZ
The audio frequency power output100Mw
Radio work time after 1 minute cranking5Minute
Sensitive degree of the FM20Uv
Sensitive degree of the AM5mV/m
Parameters of Lightin                
Lighting time after 1 minute cranking30Minute
Charge for mobilephone                
Voltage Output5.8/6.4V
Max. Power Output2.5W
Max. Current Output400Ma
Mobilephone’s talking time after 3 minutes cranking2-8Minute
Main Parts Life-span                
LED lifetime50000Hour
Plug socket lifetime5000Time
The whole unit lifetime5Year
Plastic part lifetime5Year
Loudness of warning sound85DB
Siren work time after 1 minute cranking5Minute
Size and weight                
  1. 190*57*58.3mm

Weight                249g
CartonInner BoxCarton DimensionG/N WeightPackage
50pcs25pcs52*37*36CM17.2/15.9KGColor Box
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