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Solar Hand Crank FM/AM Radio
This product adopts the best integrated radio circuit with high sensitive FM/AM radio that can catch every wonderful electric wave anywhere and anytime. The built-in battery can be charged in three ways: by solar panel, by hand crank and by outside power.
Function & Feature:
  1. Charged by sunlight, hand crank and computer USB port

  2. FM/AM tuning radio

  3. Low power consumption

  4. Green LED tuning indicator and blue LED charging indicator

  5. Speaker or earphone output

  6. Simple outline and delicate appearance

Main Technical Parameter:


Sensitivity of the FM>10uV
Sensitivity of the AM>1.5mV/m
Reception scope of the FM88-108MHz
Reception scope of the AM530-1650KHz
The audio frequency output power>100mW
Radio working time after 1 minute crankingAbout 20Minute
Radio working time after 5 hours charging under sunlightAbout 30Minute
Max. electricity by solar panel charging40mA
Time to full-charge by solar panel20-30Hour
Radio working time after being charged fullyAbout 7Hour

Charged by outside power    

Input voltage5V
Fully charged timeAbout 8Hour

Main parts life-span    

Switch5000 times
The whole unit5 years
The plastic part5 years
Diameter of built-in loudhailerΦ40mm
Specification of built-in battery300mAh, 2.4v

Size and weight      

Size                130*73*41mm
Weight                203g
  1. Antenna length

CartonInner BoxCarton DimensionG/N WeightPackage
40pcs20pcs46.5X24X45CM12.0/10.3KGBlister Card

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